Complaints will be received and compiled by designated officers at PMO Office.

Acknowledgement letter/ email will be issued to complainants within 5 working days of receiving complaint. The acknowledgement will provide complainant with the contact name responsible for dealing with the complaint for ease of monitoring.

Eligible complaints will be forwarded to the relevant agency by email and to be followed by a formal letter from SUT PMO to SUT of the respective agency, copied to the Minister for response and action. The timeframe to respond should not take more than 2 weeks.

Complaints will be investigated as swiftly as possible and where applicable,  the complainant will receive a regular update on the progress of the investigation (when required depending on the complexity of the issues reported).

Notification of Response/Action of complaints within 7 days after the final decision is made, and will be either:

By the respective agency directly to the Business/Investor, with a copy to the PMO Office;

Via written letter / email.