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Administration and Financial Department is one of the main engines for the Royal Brunei Police Force managing general administrative affairs in aspects of human resource development, finance and career programs for members of the force. Under this department there are 4 main sections which are :

i)      Administration and Finance Section

ii)     Training Section

iii)    Career planning and Personnel Section

iv)    Procurement Section


Administrating the affairs and welfare of members of the force is an important responsibility that requires dedication and a high level of commitment from officers and staff of this department such as channeling information and policies of the force, handling disciplinary problems and allowance and leave applications.

Administration is synonymous with finance thus one of the tasks of the section is to ensure that the financial provisions are spent according to the financial procedures that are in place.

The Treasury Accounting and Financial Information Systems or TAFIS was first introduced in 2003, the system an initiative of the Ministry of Finance is meant to speed up processes involving financial matters for government departments and has contributed in enhancing the efficiency of the force’s financial management



To overcome the constant changes of the global environment and societal needs, the department provides and handles various training/ courses to boost the skills and efficiency of members of the force.




Due to the force’s challenging and broad scope of responsibility, every officer and personnel needs a career plan that is conducive to the force’s scheme of service in planning their career development.

Towards this aim, the department is drafting a program on succession planning that will evaluate and suggest the career path of every officer and personnel of the force in line with their experience, skill and training obtained.



The Procurement section is responsible in ensuring that all of the equipments of the force is in good working condition as well as ensuring that all matters relating to purchasing and procurement are according to the financial procedures and tender process that are in place.